A Reluctant Admission

A year ago, I made a promise to myself that in a year I would tell you all of a radical decision I had made. Now the year is up, I have found no reason to change my decision, so therefore I must tell you the shocking truth. I stopped using deodorant a year ago. No one has noticed, and no one (not even my kids) have complained about my odor even on the hottest days.

I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth would I turn my back on a product that is considered essential for human hygiene? Well, I’m about to tell you. Stop reading now if you are not interested! I have worried for most of my adult life that deodorant (or more specifically, anti-perspirant) might not be the best thing for me, personally. For years, I fought infected pores and then when I researched the problem, I became alarmed about the ingredients in most anti-perspirants. That led to a period of a couple of years during which I tried every “natural” deodorant I could find. All of them, without exception, gave me very painful chemical burns, which I’m sure you realize was not something I wanted to deal with on an ongoing basis.

By then, I was dealing with another painful skin condition, and my research led me to believe that I might get some relief with Defense soap, which is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. After reading up on it, I decided to try it in lieu of deodorant as well. So for the last year I have been faithfully showering with Defense soap and then following up with powder instead of deodorant. I started showering in the morning instead of the evening, in order to be as “fresh” as possible during the day. I have been very happy with the results. And by the way, this soap is apparently quite effective for acne also.

Because the special soap is more expensive than “ordinary” soap, I try to use up every scrap. Today as I was tidying up the bathroom, I realized that I had three little slivers of soap that were too small to use individually, so I grabbed some cotton yarn scraps and spent half an hour crocheting a little soap sack:


I love this way of using up yarn scraps and soap scraps at the same time! And yes, I can crochet. I just prefer knitting for most things.

Yesterday evening my husband set up my birthday present from my friend Robin. Here it is:


A flower made from glass dishes! Isn’t it adorable? Here is a close-up of the “flower”:


The flower is very heavy so that’s why we anchored it in a large clay pot.

Since our under-sink flood on Saturday, I’ve been waiting for that area to dry out before putting everything back into the cabinet. Today I got some vinyl liner for the cabinet and some bins to organize everything, and now the area under the kitchen sink is looking a lot better and more functional.

I also tested my fourth and oldest alcohol stove and it did a great job boiling water for my tea. Tomorrow morning I am going to show Jasper how to make breakfast with the Swedish army stove.

Parting Shot:


When I was out buying plants for the other pot, I finally found some aloe vera plants after looking since early spring. I hate to be without an emergency burn treatment kit!

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