Lost and Found

It’s been another allergy-filled day. I did break down and take some meds, but I’m not sure if they did anything!

One thing I did was to look some more for my little calendar/planner, because I need to start blocking out the school year and planning for my classes. I spent most of the weekend looking for it as I cleaned. I knew I had taken it to Colorado, but I also knew I had brought it back. Yesterday I finally gave up and ordered a new one from Amazon, which will be arriving tomorrow.

By now I’m sure you’ve guessed that I found my old one today! I knew it would happen.

We got school done and I did a little knitting, but my primary project of the day involved alcohol stoves. I have a total of 4 alcohol stoves. One dates back to very early in our marriage. One is relatively new. Two are Swedish army mess kit stoves that my older kids enjoyed using back in the day.

They had sat neglected in a cupboard in the laundry room for many years. Today, I pulled them out and cleaned them up. The Swedish stoves needed quite a bit of cleaning. Well, not the stoves themselves, but the stands and pots. I love alcohol stoves for camping and outings because they are quiet and compact and there are no moving parts. There really is nothing that can go wrong unless you don’t have a way to shield them from the wind.

I have tested all except the oldest stove, and all are in perfect working condition. I am looking forward to teaching Jasper how to use a Swedish army stove to make tea or fry some eggs! I think kids should be allowed to experiment with cooking, and a little camp stove makes it less stressful for me because it’s not messing up my kitchen. Maybe tomorrow there will be photos. Only if I find my camera, though.

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