All’s Right With the World Again

Today I got my life back, in a manner of speaking after four days of being essentially unplugged. None of my wireless devices could access the internet. My “smart” phone had a terminal case of stupid and couldn’t even be used as a phone anymore.

Saturday night’s chai party went pretty well considering that we couldn’t use the kitchen faucet and that we had some light sprinkles early on. It was a good turnout for the middle of summer. I got to see hundreds of pictures of Zambia. And Walter and I went to bed shortly after midnight and left the kids to clean up and put everything away.

Sunday after church Walter went to work on the kitchen plumbing and I went to Best Buy (where I bought my phone) to see if they could mutter some incantations over it for me. The answer: no. The Verizon girl there refused to even look up to see if I had a protection plan for my phone. Naturally, this forced me to buy and consume a mango smoothie.

I came home to find the kitchen sink usable again. I am SO thankful to be married to a man with skills. While he worked on installing the air conditioner in the schoolroom, I fired up the grill and started grilling chicken–something I very rarely do because it takes so long. But I hated to miss getting to grill something in Texas in July and not getting heatstroke. This cooler weather has been wonderful!

By evening I had a functional air conditioner in the schoolroom again (after more than a year), which means that I don’t have to be quite as averse to cooking as I have been lately. The schoolroom opens off the kitchen so the cold air blows in to counteract the heat of the stove. It’s not a glamorous anniversary gift, but it’s a very welcome and appreciated one!

This morning I got up and went to my Bible Study all by myself. Every other time I have gone with Robin, but she is busy planning a wedding and I really did want to go. (It is a 45 minute drive for me.) I was so proud of myself for remembering how to get there and back. I often don’t pay a lot of attention to the route when I am not driving.

Once I returned home, it was time to tackle our internet issues. My mother had already called to make sure I was still alive. I called the cable company and got someone who actually could help me on the second try! I’m not really sure why what she had me do worked, but you can imagine how thrilled I was when I turned on my laptop and had internet access for the first time in four days!

Flush with that success, I decided to try for some help with my phone. I had a hard time negotiating the various menus on the website (but hey, I was on the internet!). Eventually I did get in an online chat with someone named Samantha who listened to my tale of woe and told me that the only hope of reviving my phone was to reset it to factory specs. This means I lost everything that was on there and it was a very tedious process, but after an hour or so I had a functional phone again. I was feeling pretty proud of myself by this time. Two major problems solved and no cost involved!

Then I got a phone call from my husband’s aunt wanting to know if I was okay, since I had been silent for so many days. I was so glad to report that I’d soon be babbling all over the internet as usual.

I must say, though, that my experience over the last few days has been thought provoking. With no hope of hanging out on the internet, I discovered all kinds of time to do other things. I started a new knitting project. Did housework. Read a book. Grilled chicken. I was forced to admit that I really have been spending too much time online. So, I will be coming up with some self-imposed rules for my computer and internet time. I’m pretty good at following my own rules, so I hope it works!


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