Saturday’s Post

Well, here I am writing another entry with no idea of when I’ll be able to post it. I finally got through to Flynn today, to see if he could help with our internet issues, but we had already done everything he suggested.

This morning I went to Walmart by myself (not having a willing helper in the house) and did the chai party shopping. It was another cool, overcast morning. I wish this weather would last!

The main project of the day was getting ready for the chai party, but I did other stuff too–in fact more than normal since I had no hope of doing anything online. I was sorting through a bunch of stuff in my bedroom, and discovered evidence that I am losing what little mind I have left. There was a stack of clothes waiting to be hung up, so I began hanging them up. One of the first garments I came to was a black maxi dress which I bought last month. Soon after I hung it up, I was called away to do something else for a while. Then I returned to hang up the rest of the clothes, and right at the bottom was my black maxi dress which I bought last month. I was very puzzled because I knew I had hung it up already. I put it on a hanger and went to my closet to find my black maxi dress hanging there.

Yes. I bought the same dress twice and have no recollection of doing so. I guess it’s a good thing I like the dress!

I also got some laundry done and cut up a denim skirt that is unwearable and then tackled a job that I probably should have done 30 years ago. When I was in high school, I had a jacket that I loved. I think my mom got it for me in Mombasa (Kenya). It was lightweight and unlined, which is what you need in Africa. To make it cooler, I sewed some patches onto it. The US flag, the UK flag, a Zambian patch, a Kenyan patch, and a patch depicting my high school’s crest.

All these years I have hung on to that jacket, knowing I would never fit into it again, or wear it even if I did. It just seemed so full of memories that I couldn’t throw it away–until today. Today I carefully removed all the patches, and patted my teenage self on the back for doing such a good job sewing them on. I also removed the buttons, because you never know. Then the jacket went into the trash and the patches were put into a ziplock bag, from which I can retrieve them when I am ready to put them on something. I’m thinking a throw pillow. Any suggestions?

Mercy did a spectacular job cleaning up the kitchen, and I made brownies and butterscotch bars, and then I went into the kitchen to clean the chai pot and start heating water, and guess what? The pipe under the sink sprung a leak and we had water gushing out all over the floor. Yay. Life is so much fun sometimes. The new air conditioner isn’t in yet either. We do have cardboard blocking the hole though!

But hosting a chai party without a functional sink in the kitchen is a challenge I could have done without today.


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