33 Years

Friday, July 18
Today is my wedding anniversary, though you probably won’t read this today, because my computer no longer has any idea that the internet exists. I really hope that it remembers soon. And that’s why there was no entry last night, either.

So anyway, today has been a weird, nostalgic kind of day. I had some kind of strange nostalgic dream last night, which I no longer remember, but it made me wake up feeling rather unsettled. And since it is my anniversary, I kept thinking back to 33 years ago and everything that’s happened since.

My husband took the day off on purpose to provide me with a wonderful anniversary gift–replacing the nonfunctional window air conditioner in the schoolroom with an almost-new one that Flynn gave us last year. Not having that boost of cool air makes it very difficult to feel like cooking anything at all in the kitchen in the summer.

Of course today was the perfect day to remove the prehistoric old unit and leave a gaping hole in our house for several hours, because once again I don’t think the temperature got out of the 60s. The last two days our temperatures have been 30 degrees below normal. 30! It’s like we jumped straight to October.

Since the weather was so cool and Walter was busy with his projects, I grabbed my pruning shears and headed out to do battle with Miss Wisteria. Everything was soaked from the overnight rains, so every vine I grabbed showered me with water. Then, with no warning at all, I got hit with a flashback so vivid it was like getting punched in the gut. Wrestling with those wet vines took me straight back to my childhood in Africa, and what it was like to try and walk through the undergrowth during rainy season, especially near Christmas when we’d be looking for flame lilies to decorate the school for the Christmas party. Funny how a simple thing like pruning your recalcitrant wisteria can trigger such a specific and vivid memory.
After the wisteria came the roses, and then we took a break to go out for lunch. We went to Genghis Grill, because I had a gift card. As we sat there enjoying our stir fry, I had a perfect view of the line where you load your bowl up with all the stuff you want in your stir fry. And I idly said to my husband, “I wonder if anyone ever comes in here and just piles their whole bowl with meat.”

I didn’t have to wonder long. A few minutes later a very large man approached the line and my eyes nearly fell out of my head as I watched him pile his bowl with handful after handful of meat. When the bowl was full, he pressed the meat down firmly and then began building a “wall” of meat around the rim of the bowl so he could continue to add more. He pressed it all together very firmly so it wouldn’t fall out of the bowl. Finally, he created a little depression in the very top of his mind-boggling meat mountain, and tossed a few veggies into it before taking it to the grill. The guy manning the grill looked at Walter and shrugged. What can you do? I’m still kind of stunned that anyone could eat that much meat in one sitting!

After we came home, Walter had to work on another project in addition to the air conditioner. Getting the old unit out was a huge amount of work and in fact resulted in some minor injuries. Since I can’t get online at all and am tired of playing Solitaire, I started reading a book. Not really complaining . . .

Jasper is at an overnight birthday party tonight, Lucy is at an overnight movie marathon, Spencer is working till after midnight, and Mercy is out with a friend. I guess my husband and I get to find out what the empty nest is going to feel like!


One thought on “33 Years

  1. Happy Anniversary several days late, I hope you understand ☺️
    We will be celebrating 34 years in the fall. May God continue to use you both to be a light in this world.


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