A Brush with the Fuzz

Today started with an overdue grocery-shopping excursion. I am still fighting a cold–I think. I wonder if I might just be really allergic to something that is pollinating at the moment. At any rate, I’ve been feeling under the weather, so when I got home from Walmart I kind of collapsed. After two hours of trying and failing to accomplish a single thing, I realized that I hadn’t had my morning cup of tea.

Mind you, I only drink one cup of caffeinated tea a day, but it’s a big one–20 ounces of a sublime beverage made with two extra-strength teabags. After my tea I felt much better!

So, school got done. During the afternoon, Lucy and I went out to run some errands. We were almost home when disaster struck. A police car behind me turned its lights on. At first, I thought he wanted me to get out of his way, so I pulled into the right lane, but when he followed me I realized that I was the one he was after.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot in shock and disbelief. I had been going under the speed limit and was wearing my seatbelt. What on earth had I done? I soon found out. The officer explained to me that my inspection sticker had expired two months ago. My heart sank. We had to postpone getting the car inspected until Flynn took care of the registration, but I honestly thought that Walter had since taken it in for inspection. Nope.

I handed over my license and insurance card (thank goodness I had them both and could find them instantly) and waited while the officer went back to his car for a long time. “Maybe he’ll let us off with a warning,” said Lucy. I was pretty sure that if he planned to let us off he would have already done so.

When he finally returned, he looked pretty grim. Looks can be deceiving, however. Having thoroughly checked me out, and having presumably discovered that I am normally a law-abiding citizen, he admonished me to get the car inspected immediately, before I drive it again. He didn’t give me a ticket, but he warned me that if any other officer caught me with my expired inspection sticker, I’d be in deep doodoo because he had recorded my transgression and that information would come up right away if I got pulled over again.

You can imagine how relieved I was when I drove home. My car is grounded until Walter is able to get it inspected. And I’ve got to give props to the officer for noticing my expired sticker while driving behind me!


One thought on “A Brush with the Fuzz

  1. Argh!! That is never fun, but I’m glad you got home without a ticket! We have a van that failed emissions when we took it in for inspection and it’s been in the shop for over two weeks now… I’m beginning to wonder if it’s beyond hope at this point!


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