Good News!

Yesterday, in case you somehow missed this, was the final game of the World Cup. And of course, for our family, it was a MUCH bigger deal than a “normal” World Cup final, because Germany was playing. This occasion called for family solidarity. It called for soccer jerseys, face paint, and various other Germany-themed paraphernalia. It called for Walter, Mercy, Spencer, Lucy, Jasper and me to all go to the media room on campus to watch the game.

The room has a massive screen that gave us a much better view of the game than the people who were actually in the stadium in Brazil. We were among the first there, but the room soon filled up with students and their friends. There was lots of pizza and soft drinks. (Don’t worry, my last disastrous encounter with pizza is still too recent for me to be tempted.)

I had brought knitting, but the room was really too dark for knitting to be a good idea for fumble-fingered me. The seat did not have a very high back so leaning back and dozing was not an option. This left me no choice but to watch the game.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I hate soccer. Of all the games that involve grown men fighting over a ball on a big grass rectangle, it is my favorite. However, I do find it rather tedious at times, and yesterday was no exception. I could appreciate and admire the precision and technical brilliance of the German team, but I kept wishing that something would happen! Not to mention that the game had been inconsiderately scheduled to coincide exactly with my normal Sunday nap time.

I was so sleepy (despite having fortified myself with a caffeinated beverage) that I wished fervently for Germany to score so that the game wouldn’t go into overtime. Obviously, I didn’t get my wish. You can imagine my delight when Germany finally scored less than 10 minutes before the end of overtime play. The room went wild! Apparently most of the people there were rooting for Germany too. Unless they just wanted the game to end and were thrilled to see any goal at all . . .

After that, Germany just had to keep Argentina from scoring for a few more minutes, and they had already proved to be very adept at that. What a nail-biter of a game! When the clock ran out, Walter jumped to his feet and waved his German flag. (Well, it’s actually a German flag towel.) I’m sure all his siblings and cousins were just as thrilled as he was! And I am thrilled too, for their sake and also for my own sake because the World Cup won’t be disrupting my life again for another four years.

Meanwhile, we continued to be very worried about Lucy’s dog, Captain Jack. When I went out on the patio to grill zucchini for supper, I was encouraged to see that Jack was interested enough to come up and hang around. One of his eyes was very goopy and unpleasant looking, but he was showing more spirit than he had in days. Later, Kat came over and she and Lucy were able to coax Jack into eating a couple bites of food. However, we all agreed that he needed veterinary attention.

This morning, I called the vet first thing and when I explained what was going on with Jack, they found a way to get him an appointment later in the morning. The lady I talked to made it clear that they suspected Jack of having the Parvo virus. I had to leave him in the car with Lucy until they were ready to receive him in the special room with its own outside door.

Of course, when we went to get Jack to take him to the vet, it was obvious that he was much better. His eye was no longer running, and he had eaten a noticeable amount of his breakfast. Still, we had an appointment and we went to it. The test for Parvo came back negative, which was a huge relief because it meant that we didn’t have to warn our neighbors about it. So, after paying for tests which told us what wasn’t wrong with him, we were sent home with a dewormed dog (not that they found anything worrying) and an antibiotic.

He has continued to improve throughout the day and ate a pretty good supper. Not bad for a dog that I really thought was dying on Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. I have to say that I’m not sorry that it is impossible for me to watch the games, but I was glad for Daddy’s sake that Germany won! I’m also glad that Captain is doing better; hope he continues to recover!


  2. I thought of you all as I watched! I was so sleepy that I couldn’t fight it. I fell asleep–about two minutes before Germany scored. Sigh. 90+ minutes and I fell asleep just when something happened . . .


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