A Performance, a Field Trip, & a Sick Dog

Yes. I know. I did not post last night. You wouldn’t have either, if you were me. Yesterday I got up and got ready for the drive to Dallas, and was on the road by 9:30 a.m. I drove to my friend Susan’s house in north Dallas. Susan and I have been friends for 35 years now–dating back to college days. I accompanied her on some errands and then we had lunch at a lovely little Thai restaurant. The food was excellent. I figure, if I’m going to have to endure driving in a big city, I should get some ethnic food out of the deal.

I hung out with Susan all afternoon, and it was great getting to catch up with her and her life. After Flynn got off work, I drove over to his apartment and then the two of us drove separately down to Waxahachie to see the art camp performance that Lucy was taking part in. The drive was very stressful in rush hour traffic and although we left in good time, I ended up being 20 minutes late. (Flynn took a slightly different route and got there before the program started.) At least I got to see most of the stuff that Lucy was involved in. Those kids are pretty talented!

Flynn left right after the program because he was planning to leave for Colorado at 4:00 this morning. I had to wait, and wait, and wait for Lucy to finish saying all of her goodbyes. Then we still had to drive all the way home! It was after midnight when we finally pulled into our driveway, and after spending so many hours perspiring in the car, I still had to take a refreshing shower before going to bed.

This morning, I did not go to Walmart. I decided that a little more sleep was more important before leaving on our field trip. Some friends who used to go to our church, and who are avid beekeepers, had invited Jasper to come over this morning and watch/help them get honey from their hives. They wanted to get going on it before the day got too hot, so we set off while temperatures were still bearable.

Then I got to sit inside the air conditioned house and visit with my friend while her husband and daughter and Jasper put on stifling bee suits and went up to the hives. When they came back with the full supers, I got to watch as Jasper carefully shaved the ends off the honeycomb with a heated knife. Then the combs were put into the extractor and spun until golden honey poured out of the spout at the bottom. They got a total of 10 gallons of honey!


And Jasper got a great education about beekeeping from our friend and his daughter, who is the current Texas Honey Queen.


While they were taking care of honey business, my friend took me on a tour of her vegetable garden; a tour during which I stuffed myself with sun-warmed cherry tomatoes that were so sweet and flavorful it hardly seemed possible that they could also be good for you! And it was interesting for me to see a very successful organic garden that is set up in the traditional American manner, which is something I have had very little exposure to and no experience with at all. The tomato plants were eight feet tall and rather like a jungle! My friend sells all her excess organic produce to a local health food store.

Eventually, we sat down to a delicious dinner which included soup made from garden produce and even some really outstanding gluten free bread. Afterwards Jasper got to go on one more bee-related errand before we got into our oven-like car and headed home.

I found out that Flynn left for Colorado last night and drove all night, so he arrived there at midday. I hope he has a great visit.

Finally, we are very concerned about Lucy’s dog Captain Jack. For the last three days he has lost all interest in food. We thought maybe he was pining for Lucy, or for his doggy friend in the yard next door. But Lucy’s return and the approach of the other dog did not seem to spark his enthusiasm at all. Kat (who works at a pet store) brought him some special food and Pedialyte, but couldn’t get him to eat anything without spitting it right back out. He has drunk a little bit of water. Please pray that he will recover soon from whatever is ailing him.

One thought on “A Performance, a Field Trip, & a Sick Dog

  1. Poor Captain! Hope he feels better… I’m so glad Jasper got a chance to do some bee keeping; do you still plan to get a hive?


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