A Good Meal and a Hot Drive

Well, it’s been a busy couple of days. Yesterday after church we rushed home and Flynn helped set up the grill so I could grill the pork ribs I’d been marinating since the night before. It took me longer than usual to get the coals started, but some things are worth waiting for! I had Flynn stay outside so he could learn how to grill ribs. If he is going to learn anything about grilling, he will have to learn it from me, since my European husband does not grill!

Meanwhile, Lucy and Mercy were in the house doing the corn on the cob and roasted broccoli. When the meat was done to perfection, we sat down to an excellent meal. This was my official belated birthday dinner so the menu was my choice. For dessert I made a pavlova topped with coconut cream, peaches, raspberries, and strawberries. It was divine.

Then we had our monthly call to Lina, which was another treat. I also cut Flynn’s hair, which badly needed it. Then Flynn had to leave to go home. I was so happy he stayed for my birthday lunch though!

This morning I had a bunch of stuff to do before leaving with Lucy, and I actually got it all done. We left right at noon and drove to Waxahachie, which is where Lucy will be at art camp all week. This is her third year to go and she really loves it.

From there I had to trust Delilah again and follow her instructions blindly to get to the nursing home where my aunt lives. Delilah made me drive through part of downtown Dallas, which is not at all my favorite thing, but I found the nursing home and made it there in one piece!

I got there at 4:30, but they already had everyone seated and waiting for their supper! I had a nice visit with my aunt despite the fact that the lady across the table kept butting into our conversation. I am glad that my aunt still recognizes me and is very glad to see me.

The hardest thing about the day was that it was 99 degrees the whole time I was driving around Dallas with no air conditioning. After leaving the nursing home, I stopped for supper and when I told the waitress I didn’t have AC, she offered to refill my water bottle with water and ice. I was grateful!

Now I’ve been home for a while and am feeling a little waterlogged. I drink a LOT when driving in the heat!

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