Mercy Returns

Walter didn’t get home till after 1:00 in the morning. This caused me to have interrupted sleep, which caused me to be a lot less than thrilled when my alarm went off this morning. However, I got up and went to Walmart like a good girl. After all, my husband has been working insane hours all week and I figure I should probably get him some food to eat!

Walter and Spencer took off to do their Saturday landscape jobs, and I tackled a huge paper sorting job that I have been putting off for weeks. It took a long time, but I got most of the way through my stack of papers. I even found some things that I had no idea were in there.
All afternoon we waited for Flynn and Mercy to get here, and shortly after 5:00, they did.

Mercy was tired but otherwise seems to be doing okay. It sure was good to see them both. Mercy ended up going to bed early–probably a good idea as she is still recovering.

Tomorrow is my “family” birthday meal, so I’ve been busy doing the prep work tonight. The meat needs to marinate for several hours in order to reach peak yumminess.


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