A Quiet Independence Day

Today, like most holidays, was not very festive. Walter and Spencer left for work first thing this morning and worked hard all day. I made a big batch of guacamole, beat my dairy-free ice cream, and had Lucy make a red and blue cake.

Jasper and I went fireworks shopping and saw a couple of guys spend at least $400 on fireworks. I wish I knew where they were going to set them off!

Then Spencer came home, changed clothes and went off to work his other job. Walter came home, ate a hot dog, and went off to work some more. I dream of the day when we can have a normal holiday and hang out and have a cookout like other families. I am grateful that God has given my husband these opportunities to make some extra money to pay for car repairs (or any other disaster), but I wish they didn’t have to always steal our holidays!

Jasper made a fire so we could roast marshmallows on the patio. We tried setting off a few little fireworks, but Captain Jack kind of freaked out so we gave up and came inside. I tried my dairy-free ice cream. It was okay. Not great, but a good starting place for further experimentation. And covering it with berries made it much better!

It was just the three of us: me, Lucy and Jasper. After it got darker Jasper was dying to do more fireworks, so we went out on the front steps and it was actually kind of fun. Then Spencer got back from work and Kat came over and we did some sparklers and set off some more stuff and I felt a little better. Fireworks still make me feel like a little kid.

Tomorrow, Mercy returns home and Flynn will be bringing her!


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