It seems like I should have more to say about today. Lucy spent the night at a friend’s house and didn’t return home until almost lunchtime. Jasper and I did some school and then he got called away to spend time with a friend who is moving into our neighborhood. In fact this family is moving into our old house!

I did some reading and paperwork and ran some errands this afternoon. Walter made ramp for our enclosed trailer so that he would be able to load equipment more easily. This evening and tomorrow are the busiest and most stressful time of this whole busy week. There are two different contracts to work in two different places that are only closed on Independence Day. Mercy is not here to help as originally planned, so that adds an extra layer of stress.

Speaking of Mercy, she was feeling well enough to take a walk this afternoon and will be flying to Dallas tomorrow night. Flynn will pick her up and then bring her home on Saturday. I will be very relieved to have her home.

I finished the day by making my favorite gluten-free pasta salad to enjoy tomorrow, and then trying my hand at dairy-free ice cream. I am adapting a “real” ice cream recipe, and it’s the kind you have to freeze overnight and then beat, so I can’t report on whether or not it’s edible. I did try buying some coconut-based ice cream and didn’t like it at all. I want to come up with a dairy-free frozen dessert that I can make once a year to enjoy on my birthday and be happy with!


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