Movie Date

Today Jasper was very motivated to do his schoolwork. Why, you ask? Because I had told him that if he got it all done I would take him to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, and he really wanted to see it.

It’s amazing what a little motivation will do, isn’t it? Lucy was also motivated to do her schoolwork so she could attend a youth group party.

After lunch I took Jasper up to the theater and we had our movie date. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the story. This is one of the few instances where I have to echo my friend Evangeline and say that the movies are better than the books. After the first movie I got all the books and read them to Jasper, but found them rather disappointing. I do enjoy the films though.

On our way home from the movie we stopped to get some Chinese food for our very hardworking head of household. Jasper got some too. I just felt sorry for myself since today is a fast day.

Walter was laying wax this afternoon and evening, a tedious process that requires multiple coats. It was a long, long day for him and he is still not home.
I got more paperwork done and starting working on a story I haven’t touched in over a year. Boy, does it need work!

Mercy seems to be feeling a lot better today, as long as she continues to take it easy. She is getting stir crazy! Can’t wait to have her back home.


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