Waiting for Improvement

Today was kind of an anxious day. I was really hoping to hear that Mercy was feeling better, but in fact she has not seen much improvement. I didn’t get to go to my Bible study, but I did take Lucy up to Chick-Fil-A for a youth group lunch. That kind of counted as cruel and unusual punishment for me since Mondays are fast days now.

I did get a few things done and checked in with Mercy from time to time. She was due to fly back to Texas tomorrow, but after talking it over we both agreed that she is not fit to fly at this point. She was able to change her flight to Friday (for a price!) and her sweet friends have offered to help cover the cost. She is running low on pain meds so please pray that she will get relief soon!

This evening my superhero brother Matt got online with me and removed all the malware from my computer. It had gotten to the point where I had multiple pop-ups every single time I clicked on anything! It is so nice to have my computer functioning properly again.

Walter worked on his floor contract all day and all evening–except for the Germany/Algeria game, of course. He and Jasper wore their Germany soccer jerseys and painted German flags on their cheeks before going off to watch the game! Thankfully Germany won or this would be a pretty glum household right now.


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