Separation Anxiety

I’m gonna be honest: it was very hard to get up and go to Walmart at 6:00 this morning. After getting the food put away and a few other things done, I headed up to the fabric store to get a couple of things.

Then I got the phone call. The kind of phone call that mothers dread. The phone call from your daughter saying that she is in agonizing pain and what should she do? Mercy has been in pain for two days and I could hear it in her voice. Her hostess wasn’t up yet and she didn’t know what to do, because in this family, we never go to the doctor unless it’s life-threatening. The last time Mercy went to a doctor was over 13 years ago.

I told her to get help ASAP. Tell the doctor she didn’t have insurance, but get help! I was so worried. Before long Mangy and Nikki were taking her to an urgent care facility. They took x-rays, blood work, and did an EKG. Then we all waited anxiously for results–and prayed.

I finally got the word that Mercy has been diagnosed with viral pleurisy, a very painful condition affecting the covering of the lungs. All they could do for her was prescribe a painkiller and advise her to wait it out. She may feel better within a couple of days or it may take longer. She is due to fly home on Tuesday, so please pray that she feels better by then! Right now any kind of movement is agonizing for her and she got almost no sleep last night. It is so hard to be a mom that is separated from her son or daughter in trouble! At the same time, I am so relieved that Mercy’s pain is not caused by any of the horrific things I imagined when she first called.

We made some headway on getting the house back into shape today, and I made regular and gluten-free banana bread. Apparently, people expect me to start cooking again now that I am home . . .

Quote of the Day:
Jasper, describing to me his first experience with chicken pot pie: “It was so good! It had peas in it but I couldn’t taste them at all!”


One thought on “Separation Anxiety

  1. I’m so glad that Mercy was able to get help, and I sure hope she feels better before she has to fly! I’m also glad that you guys made it back safely; what a crazy drive!


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