If It’s Not One Thing . . .

Today there was nothing planned for the morning so I kind of lazed around and took a shower and then went down to Donita’s “hobbit hole” in the basement to help her sort through some books, some of which ended up in a box which is going home to Texas!

Then it was time to go meet my friend Jane for lunch. It was the first time since arriving in Colorado that I have driven the car. The brakes have been hissing in Darth Vader-ish fashion for the last several days. To be honest, once I started driving, I found the brakes to be downright alarming.

However, I made it to the restaurant and soon after Jane arrived and we had a lovely long visit. Then, having said goodbye, I headed back to Evangeline’s. I found myself passing a Whole Foods Market, and remembering that I needed something there, I pulled into the parking lot and almost hit a car before I could stop. I got the item I needed and continued on my way, thankful that Walter has been doing all the driving on this trip.

After I returned, I reminded Walter to look for a place where we can watch the USA/Germany soccer game tomorrow. He found a sports bar that seemed like a good choice, and decided to drive over there to make sure they would actually be open during tomorrow’s game. When he returned, he was not a happy man. The bar will be open–yes. But the brakes on the car failed and as a result he ran a red light and was lucky to make it back to the house in one piece!

Yikes! Evangeline recommended a mechanic and Walter was able to call and talk to him before he quit for the day. Then we sat down to a delicious spaghetti dinner, after which Walter and Kory took the car down to the mechanic so he can start work on it in the morning. Meanwhile, I spent some time visiting with Donita.

Tomorrow we are supposed to meet up with my old college suite-mate for lunch. Not sure if that is going to happen unless she is willing to come get us! Please pray that we will be able to get the car fixed in time to leave for Texas early Friday morning. And also pray that the repairs don’t wipe us out financially . . .

Parting Shot:


Here is the best photo I’ve been able to get of the fabulous fused glass bowl my friend Kim gave me for my birthday. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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