Catapults, Explosions, and a Sparkler

But before all that excitement, I got up and actually had breakfast this morning, and that was pretty awesome. Jasper eventually made it home from his sleepover across the street and we got school done.

After lunch I made some gluten-free scones and then set off to visit my friend Joan for tea. We used to get together quite regularly, but due to my busy schedule it has probably been close to a year since our last little teatime.

I got to hear all about her recent cruise in Alaska. She and her husband were celebrating their 50th anniversary and she already has it all scrapbooked! I was very impressed.
Then it was time for me to leave so I could stop at the store on my way home and pick up a couple of items for supper, because our friend Lee was coming over. Lee comes into town every summer for a few weeks to teach summer camps at the university, and we always look forward to his visits.

After supper, he helped Spencer and Jasper to make catapults from popsicle sticks, dowel rods, and rubber bands. So much fun! Kat arrived and observed the whole process. Then we all went outside so everyone could explode film containers. You put a few little drops of lighter fluid inside. There is a spark generator rigged to the inside and when you press the igniter, POP!

Kat randomly asked if we had any sparklers, and it so happened that I had one giant sparkler left from last year’s shopping spree at Boomland. So while the boys were blowing stuff up, Kat had a sparkler. And the whole time the beautiful full moon was rising . . .

Spencer and Kat left to visit friends and the rest of us came inside. After Jasper went to bed, Lee watched an episode of Voyager with Walter and me. He is our Voyager buddy and we often watch an episode when he comes for dinner.

Lucy called this morning and it sounds like their trip is going very well. I think she will be tired when she gets home!


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