And . . . She’s Off

This morning I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5:15. Lucy was already up, not having been able to sleep at all. We made it to the church by 6:20. The weather was downright cool for Texas in June. I got a little chilled as I sat waiting for everyone to arrive and get checked in. There was a final word of prayer, and then all the kids got on the bus and the bus drove away. I admit I came home and took a nap!

I did hear from Lucy that they reached the airport safely and that she made it through security and to the gate with the rest of the choir. What I have not heard is whether they made it safely to New York! My texts have fallen on a deaf cellphone, apparently.

This evening after supper Jasper and I went for a walk on the campus. He had a great time riding his scooter on the deserted sidewalks. I sat and watched a little avian drama. There was a hawk sitting on top of a lamp post. A host of little birds from the surrounding trees kept attacking the hawk in an effort (I assume) to protect their nests and young ones.

At first the hawk ignored the smaller birds, but eventually their attacks became so persistent that she flew off and perched on a nearby branch. This did not buy her any respite, however. She was harassed from branch to branch and back to the lamp post. I tried to sneak up and take a photo, but every time I was almost close enough, the hawk flew a little farther away. She was gorgeous and had a wingspan of at least four feet!

And guess what I found in Walmart today? Guavas! Sure, they are small and yellow inside instead of red. But guavas! And Jasper had the exact same reaction to them that I had the first time I was offered one. He thought it was a lemon and didn’t want to bite into it!

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