Bible Quiz Faire Chai Party

So, as most of you know, I am normally a one-event-a-day kind of girl. Today there were three. We started off with Jasper’s Bible Quiz. It has been hard getting him to study the past two weeks and it showed. He did get a silver medal and the opportunity to advance to the next level.

He and I both went to the quiz in Renaissance Faire garb and talked up the faire to everyone who commented. After the quiz was over we got in the car and drove straight to the faire (well, after getting gas in the car). It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Bright, sunny, breezy and not humid. Everything just seemed to glow.

Flynn and Lucy were already there, so we met up and had lunch. The kids spent the rest of the afternoon entertaining themselves at the faire while I got to work doing more interviews. As always, it was fascinating. So many interesting people and amazing items for sale.

I left before the kids so I could get back and help with the chai party. However, thanks to the fact that I stopped for a drink and then had to go shopping for chai party cups, so the kids actually got home before me!

It wasn’t a big party, but I think the people who came enjoyed it. Flynn spent most of the evening helping Mercy with her algebra. He’s a good brother.

And now my hands are kind of scalded because someone requested rice cakes for breakfast tomorrow.

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