A Brief Visit to the Park

Sorry about last night’s silence. My family comes first, and last night that kept me from posting.
The primary feature of today was the fact that Jasper and I went to the park for about an hour of park day. It has been many weeks since we did this, to the point that I feel like a complete outsider now. I am so ready for the formal semester to be over so that we have more flexibility in our schedules.
Also today, Jasper listened to almost the entire book of Genesis as an audiobook. This Saturday he has his next quiz, and it will be over the entire book. We are studying the official questions, of course, but I thought it would be good for him to have the whole book fresh in his mind. He was enthralled! He wants me to get some other books of the Bible as audiobooks also. I think I can swing that.
I started a new knitting project. I hated not having a compact project to take to the Faire. Not that I have time to knit at the Faire these days. I am mostly working–doing interviews so that I can come home and write them up. But still . . . you never know!
I am also working on a very long post but it’s not done yet. I’ll give you fair warning so you can avoid it when I finally post it!


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