It’s always surprising to me how exhausting pain can be. Today I woke up with a monster headache and didn’t really get much relief at all until late afternoon. However, I still had to go grocery shopping at Walmart and prepare for and teach a class.

By the time I finished with my class, I was very weary, not to mention a little shaky from all the caffeine I drank to help the meds along! But I still had to go to meet with my new critique group. That is my big news. I have known for a couple of years that I really needed to get into a critique group, but I didn’t know how to go about finding one! You can imagine my delight when I was actually invited to join one by my local writers’ group leader, a woman whom I greatly admire and respect.

At the same time, I was pretty nervous. First of all, my own critiquing skills are, well, nonexistent. Secondly, I worried that other writers would read my work and laugh hysterically at the idea of my ever becoming published. What actually happened, of course, was that the other two ladies who were there tonight provided some very helpful feedback. Getting good critique is like having the blinders removed from your eyes so that you can see the flaws in your own work–which is a really good thing because of course you can’t improve your work if you can’t see what’s wrong with it.

By the time we got to the actual meeting after the critique session, I was finding it very hard to focus. My eyes might have closed more than once. I was really glad to get home and doze in my chair for a while before tackling more class preparation. Can’t wait for bedtime . . .

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