A Faire Birthday Celebration

Today was a big day, the day of the “official” celebration of Lucy’s 16th birthday. She had invited two of her friends to come to the Faire with us, and I had also invited one of Mercy’s friends from church who had never been. Despite all the preparations last night, and despite getting up an hour earlier than I wanted to this morning, we still left half an hour later than I had intended.

It was foggy and misty as we drove to the Faire, and I had to keep my windshield wipers going. However, we were all in high spirits! On the way there, I realized that I had forgotten to bring the bread for our sandwiches. (It is easy for me to forget bread since I can’t eat it anymore.) So we had to stop to buy some.

When we arrived, my friend Angela and her husband were waiting in the parking lot for me. Angela had won a pair of Faire tickets on Facebook, and I had them with me, so she couldn’t get into the Faire until I got there. I very rarely cross paths with her these days, because she lives quite far away, so it was good to see her.

The girls were mostly on their own for the day, as I needed to get as many interviews done as possible. I interviewed some people I have been watching or talking to for years, and learned all kinds of new stuff. It was so fascinating!

One of the people I interviewed was a young performer who came for the first time last year. He does juggling and magic and has a great rapport with the audience. As we were wrapping up our conversation, Lucy and her friends came wanting the car keys. It seems Haley had been wearing high-heeled boots which were very attractive, but they were also so painful that she took them off and planned to spend the rest of the day in socks. Elliot, the guy I was interviewing, immediately offered to loan Haley some sneakers he had that he thought might fit her–and they did! How often does a performer offer to loan his shoes to a complete stranger who just happens to be a patron at the Faire?


We rendezvoused for lunch at the car before heading back in for the first joust. The joust this year has been truncated, pared down from the way they’ve done it in the past, and I confess I have been quite dismayed about this. I also realize that not everyone finds jousting as fascinating as I do, and that the knights have to do what they can to keep crowds interested. I miss the “old” days, though!


I kept busy with more interviews after the joust, and then rounded the girls up to see if they wanted to try going to the Queen’s Tea with me. By then one of the girls had been picked up by her parents, so there were just four of us. Every year I have thought about going to the Queen’s Tea, and up until now I always opted for a mango smoothie instead. Of course now the mango smoothies are no more, so the tea seemed more attractive.

The girls agreed to come with me, so we made our way to the “castle” which is very nicely decorated inside and had tables and chairs set up. It ended up being my favorite thing about a day that was full of good things. There was some tomfoolery related to the fact that this is the “pirate invasion” weekend. There were songs sung by various performers and enthusiastic audience participation. There was real tea served in real teacups, and a tower of delicious delicacies. It was a wonderfully pleasant respite, and it was also fun.

I made a second visit to the forge in the afternoon, to look for the girls and to get a photo of Master Shadowhawk and his lady. And when I mentioned that we were celebrating Lucy’s birthday, they gave me a beautiful purple hairstick as a birthday present for her! That was so sweet. Lucy loves purple.

I did a final interview after the evening joust, and then visited with Triskelion (a singing group) until time came to meet the girls at the car for the drive home. No one wanted to leave. I think everyone had a good day, and we still had supper and birthday cake waiting for us at home, and Haley is spending the night. Lucy is already begging to go again tomorrow. Begging, I tell you.


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