A Not-So-Tiny Obsession

I have a confession to make. I might have made it before, but if I did it was on my old Xanga blog and you can’t read that anymore. I have a little obsession which my kids think is ridiculous, and I have to reluctantly admit that maybe it is ridiculous. However, if I enjoy it, and if there’s nothing wrong with it, why not?

6 log cabin

I am speaking of my interest in house design in general and tiny houses in particular. I have been designing houses in my head my whole life. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this. Not only do I design houses in my head (and sometimes on paper too), but I also spend great amounts of time remodeling my own house in my head. I have done this with every house we’ve lived in, but we’ve never had the means to carry out any of my brilliant ideas, except once maybe. We were able to remove a wall in our house in Zambia and it was a huge improvement.


The last few years I have been so interested in the tiny house movement. I think it must stem from my lifelong love of things that serve multiple purposes. In a tiny house, many things must do double or triple duty. I love the economy of design, how people think of using the same space in many different ways.


Now, mind you, I know that I could never live full time in a tiny house. A tiny house is not a good fit for someone with a fabric stash, a yarn stash, and a book stash, let alone someone who has a husband and seven children and loves to have people over.  I would, however, love to have one as a vacation getaway (near a lake), and I would most especially love to have one as my office or writing space, where I could work without interruption for hours or even a day or two at a time.

Even so, I wouldn’t want a micro home.

4 Micro house

This middle-aged lady is not interested in any space that doesn’t include a bathroom and a place to take a nap!

8 might-micro-house-1

So, the fascination continues. I now subscribe to two tiny house blogs. I’ve got a file with the plans for building a total of eight different diminutive abodes. Jasper has already confidently promised that he will build me the tiny house of my dreams in the back yard. I’m tempted to let him try!

3 Jamaica Cottage Shop Writers Haven

But meanwhile, of course, life goes on. And on. There seems to be too much of it at the moment. Spencer and Deaven returned last night, after spending the weekend away (separately). I had to go to Walmart this morning to do the family shopping. School happened, except for Deaven, who didn’t make it to school today.

This afternoon we had a 4-H meeting. The speaker was a local fireman, and he started out by telling us his own history with 4-H, and to our delight he mentioned that his 4-H leader when he was in high school was the very lady who now directs the incredible Therapeutic Equestrian Center we went to on Saturday!

We had our Bible Study tonight and now I must leave you to spend time preparing for the next two days of classes. Au revoir.