It Was a Shopping Quiz Flynn Fire Chai Party Day

This morning I was up early like every Saturday. Lucy came with me to load up on chai party stuff, and then we rushed home so that she could get ready to go to a service project at the church where she is now attending youth group. Meanwhile, Jasper went with the neighbors across the street to the church where he would be having his first quiz meet of this year.

The whole plan for the morning required two vehicles, because Walter had a job to go to, and I was planning on borrowing Spencer’s pride and joy, “Charlene.” Well, it turns out that Charlene was in dire need of coolant, and we didn’t have the right kind, but what could I do? I took Lucy up to her event and then drove over to the church where Jasper’s quiz meet was being held, holding my breath all the way.

I had a long wait for the meet to begin (good thing I brought knitting), but eventually the kids all arrived and I was asked to be a scorekeeper, which I have done before. Jasper and Ben both received perfect scores again–which has been the case for the last several quizzes that they’ve done. I was so proud of them both. I love watching Jasper focus and listen to the question, and then immediately choose the right number.

Since I still hadn’t heard from Lucy when the quiz ended, I drove Jasper home in Charlene and then was very glad to park that car. The “low coolant” light kept going on and staying on.

Walter and Spencer went out after lunch to do their yard jobs, and as there was still no sign of Lucy I made all the brownies and Jasper made rice crispy treats. Flynn arrive mid-afternoon, driving Valvados and towing his new car. He went to take the towing dolly to the U-Haul place, only to be stopped by a big fire on the other side of the street, which had backed up traffic and caused the street to be closed down. He will try again tomorrow.

Lucy finally arrived almost at supper time. By then we were having our second downpour and wondering if we should go ahead with the chai party. However, the Weather Channel said the rain would be gone by 8:00, so we just pushed back the time a bit and hoped for the best.

Well, we did more than that, actually. I had the kids haul our canopies down from the attic and set them up in the rain on the patio. (Remember we have no roof at all in back anymore.) They got some tables and chairs under the canopies and then Jasper worked very hard at putting up Christmas lights since our back door fluorescent lights were also destroyed.

Flynn and Spencer decided to make a quick run to the auto parts store to get the coolant that Spencer needed. You can imagine their surprise when they got to the store, only to find out that the auto parts store was the building that had burned down earlier in the day! Needless to say, they found another auto parts store.

Meanwhile the rain lessened significantly and sure enough people started coming! Even a two-week-old baby came. I didn’t get a very good look at her because she was swaddled next to her mother, but I didn’t complain because I highly approve of this method of carrying a baby.

My neighbor Sylvia came and we got caught up on what each other’s kids are doing. We should really do a better job of keeping up since we just live a couple hundred feet away from each other!

Flynn is staying the night and most of tomorrow so that makes it a happy weekend. Not to mention the fact that he brought us a car . . .

One thought on “It Was a Shopping Quiz Flynn Fire Chai Party Day

  1. So happy about your car!! I know how proud you must be of Jasper! I needed an uplift today and your blog gave it to me. Thank you soooo much for including me vicariously in your routine through your blog.


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