Sorry this is late. I wrote it yesterday but then I couldn’t get on the internet all evening.

Wednesdays are long. The primary good thing about them is that they are followed by Thursday. This morning, after far too little sleep, I was cajoled into going to Walmart, after which I was pretty busy getting ready for my elementary English class and helping Jasper finish his homework also.

I have so much I’m hoping to accomplish with those kids that the class time just flies by and I never finish everything I planned to do.

Then after class there are piano lessons and then Jasper goes to Bible quizzing with our neighbors and Lucy heads off to her new youth group with her piano teacher, and Walter goes to work again and Spencer pressures me into driving him up to his youth group. I can’t wait till he gets his license because then he can drive himself and I will actually get an hour or so of time to myself on Wednesdays. When I got back from dropping off Spencer, it was just a few minutes before Jasper’s return.

This is why I asked for crock pot recipes. There aren’t even two people at home together to eat supper on Wednesdays. Everybody eats at a different time, and Spencer and Jasper don’t usually eat at home at all on Wednesdays.

We had a rather grim discussion about Obamacare tonight. We are currently uninsured, because we can’t afford to lose $600 a month in income. Under Obamacare, which is required, it will cost over $900 per month. Yeah, that will really improve our quality of life . . .

Quote of the Day:

The kids’ computer is having some issues, specifically with the fan, which has been making hideous noises. These noises were accurately described by Lucy when she said, “It sounds like a bumblebee is killing a mouse in there.”

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