The Chai House Cloak Factory is Back in Business

Yes, Lucy is planning to enter some sewing projects in the 4-H Harvest Festival, and the first item on her list is a new cloak. The one I made her for her eleventh birthday is still awesome, of course, but she has grown several inches since then and it is no longer as all-enveloping as it once was.

What she really wants is a dark red crushed velvet cloak. Fortunately I was able to use a coupon to get the fabric for half price. Today she got to cut her cloak out. Since this is for the Harvest Festival, I made her do everything herself and only offered advice. Maybe tomorrow she can get it sewn together.

Meanwhile, I figured since she was cutting out her cloak, maybe I would cut one out too. See, I knew she needed a new cloak and I had some fabric I had been saving to make a cloak out of, and I had it handy. When she turned up her nose at it, I decided to appropriate it for myself. I got it cut out and have the body sewn together already. The fabric is rather loosely woven and in fact I think it’s supposed to be upholstery fabric. At any rate, I felt I had to sew it quickly because it started fraying instantly. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Walter and Spencer were gone all day doing their yard jobs after yesterday’s incredible rain (we got 1.8 inches!). When they got back, Walter removed the rest of the damaged roof from our back porch so he can start figuring out how to replace it. It looks so bare and unroofed now.

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