Night Owl

Today I realized that I had miscalculated rather badly when planning my whole dressmaking and cake saga. My plan was to spend most of the day sewing and the rest of it making flowers for the cake. What never occurred to me was that other people would have need of the same space that I was counting on, and for equally legitimate reasons.

When I needed the dining room table, it was full. Thinking I’d be able to adapt in my sewing, room, I found it also occupied. When I thought I’d go work on icing, there was too much going on in the kitchen. So, I had to adjust. The first adjustment was to change the order of my day and the order of working on the dress. I ran errands and got supplies for the cake. I made a test gluten-free cake to see if it would work for the gluten-free layer of the wedding cake. I worked on a part of my dress that I could fit on to my sewing table instead of working on one of the bigger pieces as I had planned, and as I did so a realization came to me, and that realization was that if I am going to do what I must do before Sunday, I am going to have to become nocturnal.

So, it’s after midnight and I am waiting for something to dry so I can go back to my slow and steady work on the dress. Every seam must be basted. Right now I’m in the middle of the thrilling task of sewing in a zipper by hand. It will be interesting to see how long I last.

One thought on “Night Owl

  1. I am now totally up to date with your INSANE week of preparations. Praying you get everything done without killing yourself, and just can’t wait to see the beautiful results of your skillful fingers and labor!!


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