Seaming Fun

What a busy day it was today. We started off as a household of 9 and ended up with 12. Jordan and Lina set off fairly early this morning for the Dallas airport to pick up three sweet sisters who will be staying with us and helping us until the wedding.

While they were gone, I made a batch of gluten-free bread and then took Mary to the dentist, whom she hadn’t been to for six years. I left her to her doom and went to Walmart to do some shopping. Our guests have multiple food sensitivities, so planning meals is going to take a lot of thought.

Just as I finished shopping, Mary finished at the dentist. When I went to pick her up, I found her with a bleeding and swollen lip. Apparently something “slipped” and cut her lip. I sure hope it heals before the wedding!

Today being the only day it would really work out to do this, I wanted to take Mary out for a mother-daughter lunch, but first we had to wait for her to get the feeling back in her mouth! Eventually we made it up to the Genghis Grill where we had a great gluten-free meal before stopping at Hobby Lobby to return the wedding bubbles I had bought yesterday. They were much cheaper at Walmart.

By the time we returned home, Lina and Jordan were here with Rebekah, Ruth, and Sarah. As I anticipated these lovely girls jumped into action almost immediately. Rebekah began making beautiful flowers out of sheet music and Ruth and Sarah helped with the measuring. There was a lot of measuring. This is an aspect of wedding preparation that I hadn’t thought about. The aisle of the chapel had to be measured, as did various light strings and who knows what else.

I hunkered down in my sewing room with chiffon sleeves that had to be seamed and hemmed. You wouldn’t think it would take hours and hours to do this, but it did. The seams had to be pinned, then basted, then sewn, then ironed, then trimmed, then sewn again. The hems had to be sewn, then folded, then sewn again, then folded again, then sewn again. This is very time-consuming even on cooperative fabric, but with slippery chiffon it is death by tedium. I am so glad that I met my goal for the day, even if it was after midnight when I did so!

Now someone else can work on beading the sleeves while I do other things tomorrow, like sewing the actual dress together and designing a cake and making the icing flowers for it. Oh, and trying to find shoes and a bowtie for Jasper and a few other odds and ends like that. And trying out a gluten free cake recipe for use on one layer of the wedding cake.

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