Success and Failure

Today is my daughter Lina’s birthday. She celebrated it by going with Mary and Jordan to a Renaissance Faire that is much bigger and farther away than “our” little faire.

We celebrated it here yesterday in our usual crisis-laced style. For her birthday dinner, she had requested our world famous chicken enchiladas, and I had enough ingredients to do both “real” and gluten-free versions. She also had requested a gluten-free and egg-free cake, because her friend Rae was coming and Rae is deathly allergic to eggs.

Well, after lunch I turned on the oven to preheat and mixed up the cake batter. After an hour, the oven still had not reached 350°. This was a problem, because the cake really needed to be done before the enchiladas went in. We started assembling enchiladas and still the oven was not preheated.

The girls’ friend Bethany came over and offered the use of her family’s oven (about 3 blocks away), so Mercy went home with her to bake the cake, which by now had been sitting out for over two hours.

We gave up on the oven and turned it off, while making plans to use our two roaster ovens to try and get enough enchiladas baked for 11 people. Walter took at look at the oven, trying to figure out if there was a gas leak, but didn’t find anything. However, when he put everything back together and turned on the oven, it heated up to 350° in ten minutes!

So, in the end we baked the enchiladas in the oven after all, the cake came back from Bethany’s house fully baked, Rae and her husband Justin got here, and we all sat down to a good hot meal and good warm fellowship. After supper we sat and visited awhile before having cake, and were surprised by a visit from college student (MK from Zambia) and his dad.

The cake was surprisingly edible for not having anything in it (no gluten, no dairy, no eggs!). It didn’t hurt that we had ice cream to go with it too.

Today I was up and working on the dress first thing. The underdress is almost completely done–just need to do some hand sewing on it. I did several other chores as well while Walter spent the morning doing some extra jobs for his cleaning business. “Holiday” is kind of a misnomer around here. We did take some time in the afternoon to get some wedding stuff at the craft store and then go to see a movie together–a rare treat for us.

After a quick supper I took Jasper and Lucy with me to the mall in search of dress pants for the wedding. We found a nice shirt, but no pants in the mall that were his size and also dressy. Apparently young men his age just don’t dress up at all. We tried another store on our way home with the same discouraging result. We may have to resort to ordering online tomorrow and getting two day shipping!

Shortly after we arrived home, the faire-goers also arrived and I talked a very tired Lina into helping me cut out the overdress. The chiffon overdress. It would be hard for me to overstate my loathing for chiffon. It is so horrible to work with and I have so little time left. Prayers would be appreciated. Remember, I haven’t even started on the cake yet either!

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