Staying Home

After less than five hours of sleep, I staggered off to Walmart this morning and bought groceries before coming home to take a nap. I was too exhausted to be of any use at the sewing machine.

After a nice little rest, I did get up and get to work. It is very slow and painstaking, because every seam needs to be basted if I don’t want the fabric to slip. I was also baking two consecutive pans full of chicken pieces which will be needed tomorrow.

After lunch, everyone else who was still here (Walter and Spencer were at work) packed up and went out to the lake, leaving me here with my sewing and my chicken. I got the dress basted and sewn. It just needs hemming and binding at the sleeve and neck openings. I picked the meat off a seemingly endless array of chicken pieces.

Walter and Spencer arrived home late afternoon, and mowed our yard. The three of us were supposed to join the others at the lake for a picnic supper and front row seats to watching the sun set over the lake. Lina texted me to say that they had a little rain at the lake but it had moved off.

So we got into the car and headed up toward the lake despite glowering skies and the occasional rumble of thunder. When we were about one third of the way there, Lina called to say that it was pouring at the lake and they were going to head home. So we turned around and came home, driving through a downpour on the way.

Instead of a picnic at the lake, we ate our picnic food in the dining room. Then most of the gang went out to see a movie, leaving me here to do more sewing. The only problem was that my headache was back in full force and I felt very feverish. I don’t know if I actually had a fever, but I felt as if I did. Please pray that I will NOT get sick because I have too much to do in the next few days!

So, I’m kind of thinking I’ll try to go to bed a little less late tonight . . .

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