Painting Glass & Cutting Satin

Today we really made some headway on our preparations for the wedding. I did some more pattern altering this morning, and then this afternoon we painted the candle holders. We found we had to really thin the glass paint down a lot. We had two shades of green and two shades of blue.

Jordan arrived around suppertime, and we all perched in the living room eating our baked potatoes because I had commandeered the dining room table for white satin.

There was a trip to Walmart to buy a new air mattress for Jasper because the one he slept on last night let him down rather badly. He was thrilled to have a new one! I also loaned him my eye mask since the schoolroom is not really that dark until everyone goes to bed.

We baked the candle holders in the oven this evening to set the paint and in the morning we get to see what they look like. I hope they are useable!

I spent a fair amount of the evening cleaning up my sewing room because I don’t want the white fabric to get dusty or dirty. Then I finally did it. I cut into the white satin, which is what the underdress will be made of. Once I get that made, and am reassured that it actually fits, I will cut out the chiffon overdress. I’m trying really hard not to dread that part, but it’s not working.

Tomorrow, I believe there will be a historic shopping trip. I sure hope I find my camera before then.

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