Waiting for the Storm

The whole glass adventure continues. First thing this morning I washed a bunch of jars that that still had labels or sticky stuff on them. After lots of scrubbing, I had clean jars.

This afternoon we started sanding. Sanding glass is very tedious and slow. On the other hand, it can be exciting. You can cut yourself and start bleeding without even noticing it! I also scored the rest of the jars I had and Lina and Mary got them cut. We’re pretty good at this process now. Tomorrow we should finish the sanding and get to start dyeing the glass. That’s the part I’m looking forward to.

I got Mary to try on the new mockup bodice and also the original mockup with the newly altered sleeve. The altered sleeve is an improvement so that detail is now dealt with. Despite taking in the bodice quite a bit, it needs to be taken in some more, and there is a slight flaring at the neckline that needs to be fixed. Why can’t we ever just cut out a pattern and have it work the first time? *sigh* At least I am very close now to being able to cut out the “real” dress.

The big news of the day, however, was the weather. After the horrific and tragic events in Oklahoma yesterday, everyone here was very nervous about the approaching storms. Many events were cancelled, and people who had storm shelters were hunkering down in them. First the storm was supposed to start at lunchtime, then in the afternoon. The wind and rain finally came in at suppertime.

It was a wonderful series of thunderstorms, with lots of delicious rain. Lucy and Jasper played outside and got soaked. At no time did we feel the storm was veering from “magnificent” to “scary.” It was a blessed reprieve from the heat.

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